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Qualia Plus - Health Score and Tracker

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Qualia Plus - Health Score and Tracker - iOS - FREE

Qualia Plus lets you connect the fitness and health tracking data from top devices and combine it with the ability to track how you're feeling.

  • Connect up your favorite health tracking devices and import your existing data.
  • Take short health surveys to track things like mood, pain, mobility, social enjoyment, and more.
  • View your daily health metrics.
  • Combine all your health data into one overall health score!
  • Over time, learn how your daily activities relate to the way you feel.

Qualia - Health Check

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Qualia - Health Check - iOS - FREE

Qualia helps you understand your physical, mental, and social health through a quick and fun health check up. No doctor's office required!

MathBlast Pro

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MathBlast Pro - iOS - FREE

MathBlast Pro allows children and adults to practice various skills and become more comfortable with math and numbers. MathBlast Pro is available in the Apple App Store for free.

Space Shooter Game

Under Development
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RPG/Space Shooter Game - iOS - Under Development

An AMBITIOUS project combining RPG game elements with the classic scrolling space shooter!


Succulents On Parade

Succulents On Parade

Succulents On Parade - Miami Florida - E-Commerce

Succulents on Parade is a family-owned and operated business in Miami-Dade County that hand delivers unique succulent arrangements to homes and offices.

CHM Structural Engineers

CHM Structural Engineers

CHM Structural Engineer - Miami Florida

CHM Structural Engineers, LLC, has existed as a consulting engineering firm specializing primarily in the design of structural systems for buildings since 1961.

Rosen-Artze Real Estate

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Rosen-Artze Real Estate - Miami Florida

Luisa Rosen-Artze, a South Florida native, holds Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Miami. In Florida, she is an active member of the Florida Bar, has practiced law primarily in the areas of family law and real estate, and is currently a Real Estate Broker. She also practiced law and was a Real Estate Broker in Massachusetts.

Seiger Suarez Architectural Partnership

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Sieger Suarez Architecture Firm - Miami Florida

Sieger Suarez Architects enjoys a distinguished 42-year reputation for award-winning, design-forward, quality architecture. Owned and managed by Charles M. Sieger and Jose J. Suarez, the firm has received a multitude of awards, in addition to peer and community recognition for its outstanding work over the decades.